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Brown Girl Self-Care

Dec 20, 2021


In today's episode I'm answering a community members question about how to bounce back from a bad decision.  This is a great question because everyone makes choices that don't end up panning out in ways that we hoped for and when that happens we feel stuck on how to move forward.  There is usually shame around it too.  You are more than just the outcomes of your decisions.

Girl, have you saved your seat for my affirmation workshop happening on January 2nd?  This will be a virtual event so no need to hop on a plane or book a hotel.  For 90 minutes I'll be teaching you how to think about your thoughts and words and how to use affirmations in a way where you start to notice positive transformation.  If you're tired of feeling like the words you are saying are a lie, if you don't know how use affirmations or if you want to create a life of more calm, clarity and confidence this workshop is for you.

Register for your space here -> Brown Girl Self-Care Affirmation Workshop